Monday, March 7, 2016

Next stop...the sealing room!

Hey y'all!!

Hannah Reinen and Taylor Partlow (my convert from Nac) are
engaged!!!!!!! I am SO happy for them!!! And he now has the gospel to
raise his future family!!!! They are so adorable!!!! 

I got to skype I to Jessica's baptism on Saturday!!!! It was
amazing!!! She finally got there after working for it since last
July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO good to see her and see back inside
the good ole Nac building that we used to practically live in for
wifi! I got to talk to bishop Nicholas again and sister Bramall, and
sister Joseph and some other precious people from Nacogdoches! I just
love Jessica and Aujayla and Jaymari and Nac-a-no-where!!!!

 Charity Cano from Nac also got engaged!!!!!! I'm SO happy for her!
We worked with her through a lot of trials! She flew out to Utah to
visit her RM boyfriend and came back engaged!!!! She is getting
married in the salt lake temple on September 3rd, and I can probably
go!!!!!!! I hope sister Ricks will go with me!

I had my last mission leadership council on Wednesday! President
Taylor asked me to give a training on the mission goals right on the
spot! He also had me bear my last testimony at MLC, it seemed so
unreal! It hasn't hit me yet!

This was a crazy week! We had three days worth of exchanges! With
sister Cooper, sister Bushman, sister Lindgren, and sister Nichols! It
was exhausting! But I am so glad to be exhausted! It feels good even
though it may be hard, I love it!

We saw the family from Kenya again! This time it was just the sister
of Lillian, Samantha. She is so sweet! She is 18, we taught her the

We finally met with Jake and Jodie in their home!!! Jodie said she
wants to be baptized! The absolute only thing holding her back is
marriage to Jake!!!!! He is a returning less active. The lesson was
great! They also have been coming to church!

Courtney is doing great too! She actually gave us a ride to church
because the pickups are out of town! She is so sweet! Her son
Christian the fourth, C4, stood with us at the door to greet people,
he is so cute! He shook everyone's hands too! And he caught on to our
example and even started complimenting the ladies clothing and sweetly
saying hello to everyone with us! He is five years old. We love him!
Courtney's less active husband is so kind too! He has been coming to
church with them!

I hope y'all have a great week!
Sister Jones

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