Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Texas Dallas Heaven

Hey y'all!

I got to escort sister Rebecca Jones (my convert from the Colony)
through the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie and Ben also got to go
through in the same session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had such a great week! We watched conference in four different
home each with a LA or an INV!

Kaitlyn has a new baptismal date! So does Gary Burns! And Patrick
Zhang is doing so well!!!

Allen is amazing! We have so many investigators that we are teaching
in member homes that were referred by members! The ideal situation!

We blast our number of lessons out the roof! Best numbers Allen has seen!

Sister Bramall, my trainee from Nac, is coming to backup train sister
Johnson!!!!!!!! My trainees will be together!

Sorry I don't have much time!
I love all of y'all,


The Warrens

Temple Trip with Sister Terry, and Recent Converts Rebecca Jones, Debbie, Ben

Rebecca Jones at Temple

Debbie & Ben at Temple