Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Texas Dallas Heaven

Hey y'all!

I got to escort sister Rebecca Jones (my convert from the Colony)
through the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie and Ben also got to go
through in the same session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had such a great week! We watched conference in four different
home each with a LA or an INV!

Kaitlyn has a new baptismal date! So does Gary Burns! And Patrick
Zhang is doing so well!!!

Allen is amazing! We have so many investigators that we are teaching
in member homes that were referred by members! The ideal situation!

We blast our number of lessons out the roof! Best numbers Allen has seen!

Sister Bramall, my trainee from Nac, is coming to backup train sister
Johnson!!!!!!!! My trainees will be together!

Sorry I don't have much time!
I love all of y'all,


The Warrens

Temple Trip with Sister Terry, and Recent Converts Rebecca Jones, Debbie, Ben

Rebecca Jones at Temple

Debbie & Ben at Temple

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dallas Temple Trip

Melina got to go to the temple with Debbie & Ben, Sis. Terry, and her convert Sister Rebecca Jones from The Colony

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ripped up floors!

Hey y'all!

We went on exchanges with sister Terry and Chischillie! It was my last
exchange for training purposes, this week we will exchange again so
sister Terry and I can go through the temple with Debbie, Ben, and
Sister Rebecca Jones from The Colony! I also had my last zone
specialized training. Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Shawnee Trails, Plano,
and Carrolton all came. I got to train on the Easter initiative and
how it will help our mission achieve our 1-1-1 goal (1 referral, 1
lesson with the right member present, and 1 baptismal invitation per
day) each day. It reminded me of when sister Ricks and I trained about
the Christmas initiative in East Texas a few months ago! Sister
Johnson and I sang a special musical number, consider the lilies! I
love that beautiful song! I had to say goodbye to so many missionaries
there, since we no longer have transfer meetings! It was so hard!
Sister Cooper and I hugged for literally an entire minute! I've been
her STL for almost half my mission!

On Friday sister Zimmer (LA) asked us to come and bring some elders to
help her rip out all of her 85 year old mother's floors. We were there
for five hours! We ripped out all the hardwood and carpet and then
pounded and pounded at the tile for hours to break it all up! We had
three sets of elders there to help! One of them was hit by a flying
piece of tile and had to get 7 stitches in his leg! Poor Elder Cope!

On Friday night I got a priesthood blessing for my swollen Achilles'
tendon. It has been hurting and swollen for about five weeks now. It
was amazing in the blessing how elder Fifita doesn't even know me very
well, but the Lord directed him to say exactly what I needed! And some
things he said seemed really random, but those were the things I
needed the most. The Priesthood is so real!

We got to watch the women's broadcast with Courtney and her LA
mother-in-law and her LA grandmother in-law! It's amazing how much
more welcome we are in the Larsen home now!

We met with Patrick Zhang yesterday! Tina was too tired to come, but
he loved the plan of salvation! He said it makes him happy that God
has a plan for him! It's so cool to teach someone who isn't already
Christian because they appreciate the message even more! He is still
preparing for baptism!

We will meet with Kaitlyn this week!

The Warrens are still in a rough patch, but we are meeting with them
again later this week!

Sister Jones