Monday, March 14, 2016

Mrs. Warmadoll

Hey y'all!

We went on a two day exchange with sister Clayton and sister McKnight
as part of new missionary follow up training! It's hard to double book
our area for two days but somehow we managed to do pretty well at it
after a whole lot of planning!
My sisters are all so amazing, they are going through so many hard
things! I just pray my heart out, I wish I could just take away their
pains and sufferings so badly. I just want to take it away from them,
but I know that there is someone who can. I am so thankful for my
Savior's atonement! I know that he loves them so much and he has a
plan for my sweet sisters!

We had dinner with the Spangler family (they actually used to live in
Port Orchard). Ryan Spangler had the same kindergarten teacher as me!
But they lived there after we moved away. The Spangler's 15 year old
son invited his friend Kaitlyn to dinner. We taught her the
restoration and she has already read over half the Book of Mormon! She
feels it is true, she loves how clear the Book of Mormon makes God's
plan for us! She wants to be baptized, but she isn't sure how her
parents will take it. They are pretty strong in their own churches! We
got toward the end of the lesson and I looked over at sister Johnson
and mouthed "April 2nd," she looked terrified and shook her head no! I
nodded and smiled at her and then sister Johnson opened her mouth and
invited Kaitlyn to be baptized on April 2nd! Sister Johnson's first
baptismal invitation!!! I was so proud of her! Kaitlyn isn't sure that
date will work with her parents, but she will be baptized, it's just a
matter of when!

Courtney gave us a ride to church again this week! Her cute little
family is so sweet! She is so ready for baptism!! She doesn't just
know that she knows.

Yesterday was crazy! We had the entire day booked out with
appointments! We were so excited!!! We taught both gospel principles
classes, and after church spent two hours listening to how concerned
brother Avila (one of our investigators) is for us and the anti that
he has researched and believes to be true. After that, we had two more
appointments that both cancelled on us, then we went to see a less
active family and then our evening appointment cancelled on us! Then
we got home to some bad news for one of my sisters who serves in
Frisco! It's not a big deal, appointments fall through all the time,
we always have backups and we are used to it! It teaches us to rely on
the atonement. Christ was rejected and put off and slammed with anti
everyday of his ministry I'm sure. I love my mission and I love being
a missionary! I can't imagine any other life! Hard things happen, but
the atonement has happened too! The joys, lessons learned, and the
rewards are far greater than any hard day, hard week, or hard transfer
a missionary could ever have! I am grateful for the hard times to help
me understand the Savior. I am grateful that I can serve a mission to
bless my future family.

Sister Jones

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