Monday, March 21, 2016

My DNA is worshipping

Hey y'all!

Courtney came to the Ward Easter party with her sweet little family
and is doing great!
Kaitlyn asked her parents if she can keep meeting with us and one of
them said yes!
We keep visiting the family from Kenya, lately we've only been able to
catch Samantha, she is doing well and finally getting up the courage
to read the Book of Mormon!

Yesterday we taught Tina and Patrick Zhang in the Santos home. They
are awesome missionaries and invited their neighbors, the Zhangs, to
meet with us! Sister Johnson boldly invited them to be baptized and
immediately they both responded with "yes!" It's really different to
teach them than anyone else because they do not have a Christian
background! I think this might be the first time I've taught someone
who isn't already Christian! Their date is for April 23rd!

We went on exchanges with Prosper 1 and Celina sisters, sister McBride
and Sister Stokes. I was with sister McBride on the first day...it did
not go as planned! We needed another set of bikes, so we borrowed
Sister Terry and Chischillie's bikes since they never use them.
Something was slightly wrong with one of the seats so I volunteered to
take that bike. Sister McBride and I rode to Samantha's and on the way
there the seat flopped all around and down and some metal piece fell
onto the ground, so I switched off standing while I was riding and
sitting really really low looking like a total dork! I looked
ridiculous! We got back to the house and Travis, the Pickups son,
walked up while we were trying to fix the bike in the garage. He tried
to fix the seat, but couldn't. We casually asked Travis how long he
was going to be around and he said a few hours so we awkwardly walked
off to go tract without a car because the pickups were not home and we
can't go inside with just Travis there. We had plans to eat dinner on
our own there so we didn't know what to do, we couldn't eat at home
with Travis there! It was raining so we just walked inside a house
that is under construction being built, went up the stairs, and sat in
there while we made some phone calls. We called Sister Linsley to see
if we could join her for dinner and she took us to Subway and used her
coupon to buy each of us entire foot long! She spent her last penny
(not literally) to do that, so we felt obligated to eat the entire
thing! I usually don't even eat a whole 6 inch! It was so much
sandwich! I ate a foot long!!!!!!!!!

The next day I was with Sister Stokes and we went to go help plant
trees. I got to know Sister Stokes a lot better, she loves to use her
imagination and act out scenes by herself in her room and listen to
Celtic music! Sometimes she'll engage herself in a sword fight, or a
dramatic scene. We listened to some Celtic music in the background of
our companionship study! She is so unique, and so funny! I love

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